Foundations and Purpose

Community Church Warragul is located approximately 100 km east of Melbourne, a member of the Association of the Christian Community Churches Victoria and Tasmania and comprises a community of about four hundred people who seek to know Christ and to make him known to others, both locally and globally. The core values that undergird all our activity are as follows:

Rising out of these core values are our signposts; defining the ‘things we must be’ as we invest ourselves in making disciples. We recognise that progress in making disciples is manifest in the everyday lives of individuals, families and communities, and as such we are committed to becoming a people who are:

In 2012 we defined these signposts and began the journey of teaching ourselves that discipleship outcomes in the daily lives of people are the most important outcome in the church of Jesus Christ. As such we seek to measure outcomes against these signposts and direct resources and activity towards helping more people become more and more like Christ.